Our Story 

Over the past 40 years...

Sprung Construction has been leading the way in Denver's construction industry by partnering with developers, designers, and tenants to build innovative and sustainable spaces. Strong relationships and investing in people are at the core of Sprung. Throughout the Denver region, the diversity of Sprung's portfolio ranges from historic restoration, to cutting edge projects in sustainability, LEED certified methods and reuse. From historic to modern, we contribute to the area’s evolving urban canvas with national and local clients.


From managing an urban infill development project in downtown, to commercial remodeling in historic buildings, to adhering to strict environmental building standards – we specialize in meeting the unique needs of each construction project.


Our commercial construction services are known for being some of the most comprehensive in Denver.  From planning to completion – our services include value engineering, structural repair, custom tenant improvements and site work development infrastructure.  


Our sustainable construction practices emphasize long term affordability, quality and efficiency. We use reclaimed and refurbished materials and recycle on every job. 


We excel in re-purposing lots, buildings, and creating multi-use developments that meet the evolving needs of our communities.